i am a getzen artist

I am now playing the new Getzen 4147 IB Tenor Trombone and I LOVE it!

My new Getzen Custom Reserve 4147 IB Tenor Trombone.

This past January (2015) I headed down to Elkhorn, WI to spend the day with Christan Griego and the folks at the Getzen and Edwards factories. For the previous few months I had been playing on vintage Conn 88H and 8H tenors (from the 1950's and 60's) and was really inspired by the color and feel of these classic trombones. I played on a Conn 88H all through high school and into college and I've always loved the sound of a vintage Conn. I was considering a purchase of one of these used horns when I discovered that Christan and the designers at Getzen had created a new instrument that was modeled after these beautiful Elkhart Conns- the Custom Reserve 4147 IB.  "IB" stands for Ian Bousefield, the phenomenal virtuoso trombonist who is the artist behind the design of this new horn. Well, I played it and I was absolutely blown away.  The color, sound, response, evenness and fluidity of this instrument is amazing! I left the shop with the horn that day and have been loving it ever since. I just played it with a pianist on a new classical music recording project and enjoyed the ease and control in the sessions- such a lyrical and colorful resonance! Thank you to Brett Getzen, Christan Griego and all the great people at Getzen for their fine craftsmanship and dedication to the art of brass! Be sure to go to the Getzen Site to check out this horn, or contact Christan Griego to talk about all things trombone!

Trombone bells at the Edwards display room.